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We're on a mission to take LOCALISM to the next level.

Market Style Media is a part of a movement to cultivate vibrant, self-sufficient, and prosperous communities. We believe that when we nurture our locally-owned, independently operated small businesses our community thrives.

We believe in small towns and their communities. Market Style Media wants to help build and promote sustainable small businesses that make our communities unique.

Uniquely Small Town!



We've put together an arsenal of FREE information to
help you learn about the LOCALIST MOVEMENT and we want to share it with you!

Community Neighbor

How to Engage and be Engaged as a Community Member

Small Business Owner

How to Engage and be Engaged as a Business Owner

How we are HELPING to make a difference


VIDEO: Small Business Revolution

It’s not enough to have a bright idea. The real battle is implementing and spreading the word about effective LOCALISM. That's why Market Style Media wants to give you access to innovative and effective strategies, toolkits, and templates. We want everyone to learn from our collective challenges and share in our collective success.


Our small towns cannot thrive and prosper without our small business owners. ​A study by the Chamber of Commerce showed that the majority of small businesses spend an average of $400 per month on marketing, however, more than 32% spend less than $100 per month and only 6% spend more than $1,000 per month. Market Style Media strives to meet the needs of small business owners at every marketing budget level.

Market ​Style Media is here to help you with "chicken and egg" marketing. This means that in order to sustain a business you need marketing, but in order to spend money on marketing, you need business to support a budget. We are a small business and we understand the struggle of small business owners.

That is why we've changed our business model to fit the small business owner.

“If we stick together, we’re all going to go to the top together,”
Lynne McDaniel, Owner, An Orange Moon, Chicago, IL & Small Business Community Activist

SilvanaSmall Business Owner

I've worked with Lisa, Market Style Media's Digital Lead for eight years. She has always had the right answer for my business... and a few interesting ways to extend my business. I cannot recommend MSM and Lisa enough!

Lisa's my go-to tech person. We worked together in Los Angeles before we both started our own businesses. She created my first website, moved me over to WordPress a few year ago, and has helped me learn the tools that I need to run my business online.

EmilySmall Business Owner
WilliamSmall Business Owner

I was sad when Lisa told me she was shutting down her firm and moving. She got my business online about ten years ago. Then, after her notorious pauses, she finished her sentence and was joining a new company. PHEW! They moved me over to WordPress last year and the experience with MSM was excellent.

Ways we are HELPING to make a difference



what goes where on a small business website

Small Business Website Optimization Checklist

Ways we are HELPING our local community



Our marketing and advertising services start as low as $1.42 per month.
Everything we do is geared towards promoting small busInesses within our community.

No matter your budget, we have a way for you to start reaching our Carolina-Piedmont (#CPLocal) audience.

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Certifying Local Business


What does GROW DEEP mean?

We need to buy and support locally. But, most of all we need to source locally. That is the ultimate goal of the Local Exchange. We want our community to work together and forge local business alliances. When you source locally, even more of the money we earn stays in our small towns...

...generating a natural sustainability!

VIDEO: Author of Local Dollars, Local Sense
How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street

Who Are We?


Lisa travels to experience localism around the world. In her free time, she works on her upcoming book Homelessly Home.


Tracey is an eternal optimist, working to preserve her community and bring back her local Main Street.


Colby spends a lot of time reading books at coffee shops and enjoys sharing a love of obscure board games with friends.